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How coaching with me works

This isn’t about a quick fix, it’s about finding a plan that helps you get fit and healthy for life...

Understanding (Initial consultation)

The first step when we chat is to arrange a consultation call. This helps me to understand what you want and need, the hurdles you face and the reasons for you looking for guidance and support. I am then better able to assess if I am able to help you, and what service and package is the right one. If we are a good fit we move to a full health MOT session. This is about unpicking the patterns in your life that are challenging your health.

Targeted prescription (I create the plan)

Now that we understand the red flag areas of your health and fitness, we address them by disrupting the patterns that hold you back and embedding new habits and behaviours to build better long term health. This works best when we address one area at a time and then stack carefully on top of that strong foundation. For example, we may address eating patterns then move to recovery and sleep (as they feed into each other in many ways).

Integration and consistency (sessions with me)

Now this is about doing the work and ticking off the boxes. I provide a clear plan and habit tracker for you to help you to be consistent. Every time you are able to tick the box you move one step closer to the type of body and health that you desire. However, life tends to get in the way and also old behaviour patterns tend to resurface. This is where support, advice and accountability are essential to help you to plan, overcome and refocus. Change is hard, having someone there to guide you through the hard times and challenges is often the difference between quitting and getting up and moving forwards.


Results (you reach your goal and stay there)

At this point, you have overcome the negative patterns of behaviours and you have be intelligently guided to form healthier habits and now you do the good stuff without even thinking about it. You look good and feel good every day. Ultimately this is my goal with every single person I help;  to create change that lasts.

  • Do I get nutrition plans and recipes?
    Before we begin coaching, I will perform a full assessment on 7 aspects of optimal nutrition to find out where you may need help. After that I provide a detailed plan with recipe examples that map out how you can achieve your goal, whatever that may be.
  • How much does it cost?
    There are different packages and services to suit different price points and needs. Please get in touch to chat.
  • Are sessions in person or online?
    The coaching and training sessions are online, as I have customers all over the world. However, occasionally I can see people in person for certain sessions (location, package and need dependant). In person areas are limited to Bromley/Orpington, Aylesford/Maidstone/West Malling and are limited.
  • How are the sessions done online?
    Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime or even skype. Basically, we are able to use any platform to achieve our coaching, we can even speak over the phone if that suits you best.
  • I’m not sure if I need the health coaching or a Personal Trainer?
    Well, I have been in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer and health coach specialising in biohacking for many years. I will listen to what you want and seek to understand your situation, from that point I will be able to provide open and honest advice about the best course of action. Get in touch HERE to chat.
  • What if I can't afford it?
    Then perhaps you could consider group coaching via the disciple programme?This programme can be a great way to get started and will include some one to one feedback and guidance at a much smaller monthly cost. Enter your information on the Discipline Programme page if you want to join the waiting list and I will be in touch.
  • What's your experience?
    I started my career as a fitness instructor back in 2001. Then moving into personal Training in 2004 and holistic health and nutrition coaching in 2008. I'm also the creator of 7 Factors of Optimal Nutrition, 7 Minute Mornings, Evolve Training System and more. My interest since 2015 has been on helping people that are high performing and/or busy to achieve optimal health and balance through diet, exercise and essential lifestyle factors. I use coaching to help form the habits and consistency.
  • How long are the packages?
    I have many clients that I’ve seen for many years, however, I normally need at least 3 months to help new customers to create a positive change that lasts.
  • When can I start?
    Well, first step is to get in touch to request a consultation HERE and enter your details so I can understand your needs. From that point on I book you a consultation and find out more and your needs and situations. I will be open and clear about whether I think I can help you and offer you any spaces I may have available (note, there is always a rotation in clients so spaces always come up). Please reach out and let’s get you started.
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