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Hi, my name is Anthony Delamare...

The fact that I am here advising successful people on matters of health and fitness is ‘I imagine’ very shocking to my school P.E. Teachers!​ In truth, I wasn’t the fit, slim kid growing up; quite the opposite in fact...

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You see, I wasn’t naturally sporty with a tan and a six pack and I didn’t get into to Personal training and then Health Coaching from having a natural physical gift for exercise. I was the teenager that conveniently didn’t have his gym kit for a whole year to save the embarrassment of the changing rooms and exposing my ‘jelly belly’ as my friends called it. Or the even worse embarrassment of cardiac arrest from running 100m. Nope, exercise wasn’t my friend. I come from a place where I know what it’s like to struggle with food (I struggled my way through many portions each day), struggle with body fat (just hoping that 40 sit ups would get me slim and lean) and to struggle with health (constant chest infections made me cough like a ninety year old smoker for years).




Helping busy business people to find a healthier way of life was kind of an accidental path of constant error. I guess, I fell into fitness kind of by fluke. Back when I was 15 years old, I had an awesome summer holiday, I had a growth spurt that stretched my fat, I felt better about myself because I got more positive feedback on my appearance (and my first girlfriend), so I started to exercise. This was the first fork (of 3 forks) in the road that led me to being right here helping people like you right now. You see, I responded well to exercise and loved it. I’d follow all the fitness magazines like flex (way before the popularity of the internet) and thought I knew all about the body and training. Until I suffered a slipped disc at just 18 years old while bending over to pick up a plastic bag. That moment changed the course of my life and was the second fork that changed my life's direction.


Until then, I was interested in fitness but only because I wanted to look good, I was set to follow in my father and brothers footsteps and become a builder. Then, I met with an experienced physio and found out that I knew next to nothing about the body and nor did most people in the gym. That was it, my mission to help people avoid injury and create a healthy and balanced body was born.

So, I turned my lessons into my last business called 7 Minute Mornings which I created with a world renowned squash coach called Stephen Thompson and Olympic Medallist and now pro wrestler Anthony Ogogo. This was a system for using 90% of your VO2 max to workout for just 7 minutes per day for great results in mental clarity, fitness and even fat loss.  It created incredible results and was tested with a medical team 3 times.


My point is, I have been an entrepreneur and fitness professional for 22 years now and each time I started a venture, the one thing that I had in common with all of my other ventures is that it challenged my balance (yes, even when I called myself the balance master, argh… the shame!). It wasn’t until I found myself with a stomach ulcer from what I suspect was too much caffeine, 18-20 hour days, divorce, fat gain and excessive stress that I finally got it...

Without good health, success can’t really exist and if it does, it’s only a matter of time before poor health catches with most of us, it certainly did for me. This was the final fork in the road that changed my life; I went from helping everyday people to specialising in middle aged business owners.


In each of these examples, I learnt a lot. Not just about the demands of business but about the importance of a healthy work-life balance. I turned all the experiences of my life into a mission to create balanced, optimal health for myself and for my clients. Hence Adapt (first two letters are my name… can you guess the rest?).


But, I want to be open and honest with you, I didn’t do it alone. Way back when I was 18 with a slipped disc, I needed support to stabilise and recover my back. I was over stressed, sleep deprives, burned out had a weak immune system, stomach ulcer, torn meniscus, low mood and weak mindset. For each area, I didn’t just pick up a book, I picked up the phone or booked a flight and went and met with the people that had the answers, the experts that knew how to help me find balance, health, and happiness. I learned from my mistakes (well most of them, though I still drink milk in my coffee some days) and I learned from people that knew how I could fix my issues and create the health and life that I wanted.

Now, my focus is to help people to not just address pathogenesis (health suffering) but to create Salutogensis (health creation). It’s not just about avoiding poor health for me and my clients, it’s about getting better, fitter, stronger, leaner, faster, feeling better and thinking clearer, while avoiding poor health that comes naturally with age.

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