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Meet Fabio

“I used to watch men get out of breath after running around for 20 minutes and think how is that possible to become so unfit? But now that person's me”, Fabio.


Note from Anthony:

Fabio, was perhaps your typical 37 year old Dad with two young kids and a full-time job, he had other priorities that trumped his own health and fitness. He told me there was a time when he would run 3 times per week, play football twice a week and ate healthily as a way of life. Back then at 12.5 stone he was close to his ideal weight for his height and had no issues with his body. Things like trying on clothes and liking the way they looked were normal.


Fast forward 7 years and Fabio’s weight was 17 stone 10 pounds (just 4lb away from 18 stone). That’s over 5 stone heavier. Slowly, but surely by gaining a pound per month he ended up in a place where he was very unfit and unhappy in his body.


During our consultation he was extremely uncomfortable, easily out of breath during simple movements, stiff and reported to be struggling with his body, mood, energy, sleep and concentration. He was in a bad place with his health and the quality of his life. He told me that he was often grumpy and too tired to play with the kids and instead found himself easily agitated. I explained in our consultation that that’s not him, it’s his hormones, diet and lifestyle that were causing those issues, including his bad mood and that it would change after just a couple of weeks of regular exercise and healthy eating. Now, I am pleased to say that he is in better shape than he has ever been, he has achieved his ideal weight at 11.9st, he has changed his mood towards his children, he has better energy and focus and he no longer struggles with his body. He is by all measures a new man.

My job is to help find the right formula for my clients, to identify what someone wants and what they need and create the plan that works for them and their life. Then I keep them focused on being consistent with that plan, which means finding discipline and grit. Fabio, has done exactly that and as a result is reaping the rewards and feeling fitter than ever.

Last note, he now runs for 15 miles on a regular basis without even getting tired. Not my prescription, but what an impressive turnaround from the man who was breathless walking up the stairs just over a year ago. People like Fabio are the reason I love my job and life.

​Word from Fabio

“Having children is a shock to the system. Sleep, health and energy are washed down the drain and the only thing I gained (apart from unconditional love and great kids) was 5 extra stone in weight. So, that is when I looked online and found Anthony and decided that I needed the help of someone that looks at the whole picture, not just put me on some generic, intense diet and training plan. I needed someone to address me and my life, to look at what I needed to do, what would help me to change my body and health and that’s certainly what he delivered. 


I remember doing the measurements at the start and my body mass index was obese and I felt shocked but then thought “well how accurate is the BMI anyway”, that was until he then measured my waist and then told me I am in the high-risk category. That was the moment when it really hit home for me. I have a young family and I need to be there for them. So I decided at that moment I wasn’t going to quit. I was going to eat every healthy meal and snack and do my exercises no matter what it takes. That’s what I did. It was hard, sometimes it took so much mental willpower (especially when the kids had a bad night). But Anthony helps you to get through it and keep you motivated which really helps.

I noticed within the first week that my energy was much better. Normally, I would get home from work and feel exhausted and shout at the kids or get stressed easily. That wasn’t happening. I was coming home and had more energy and had a better mood too when I was eating better and exercising. By the second week working with Anthony I noticed my focus at work had shifted. I had an incomplete project that was 3 years overdue. I started plugging away at it and resolved a giant backlog in a matter of days. Anthony gave me a habit tracker booklet and it was a game changer, it helped me keep consistent and focused, I’m not where I want to be yet but I am now around 13.7lb so have lost 4.3st and feel brilliant. He was right, my energy, mood, health were all linked. When I changed the way I moved, slept, drank, and ate it changed my entire life.

It’s 9 months on now and I now know that to gain control of my life with a little continued and dedicated effort amazing things can happen. I still have sessions with Anthony to help me to maintain my new healthier lifestyle and lighter weight and I'm sure I will do so for the rest of my life!"


I wrote that 6 months ago. I had lost a lot of weight and felt better about myself, but when I took off my top (like I had to do when taking my boys swimming), I still felt out of shape. I caught myself in the mirror in the corner of my eye and thought I was an out of shape dad. It was me. I started my journey with Anthony just wanting to shed the weight, I wanted to feel better, I wanted to be healthy and active with my kids. I did that, I got over all my excuses like I’m too tired, or life’s too busy, I have work and kids so it’s not the right time. But I still didn’t feel like I was there. This is how I looked after the initial weight loss:


I felt like I looked skinny fat, the thing is, I didn’t care about looking ripped for other people, I have always admired boxers that look that way. I never saw myself as someone that could look like that so I didn’t ever let myself imagine it was possible. I wanted 2 things, first was to feel confident for the first time in my whole life about taking off of my top. I have never quite felt good about my body as I always had just too much weight around the mid-section. Second, was about discipline. I wanted to build the discipline in my life, to kill the excuses that I could feel wanted to creep their way back into my life.


During this plan, I have moved home and my whole family have caught covid possibly twice. I have had to go into the office more days per week and I have had to clear out my flat and decorate for it to be rented. That’s all during the last few months. Previously, I would have told myself that now isn't the right time, I would have let myself off the hook, but there’s never a right time, not when you have a busy life that needs managing. So, I decided to lose the bodyfat, to build a bit of muscle and to silence my excuses and get in shape in spite of my life’s commitments and after around 12 intense weeks of following a plan that is similar to one that Hollywood actors do before a photoshoot or topless movie scene. I can see my abs. I have never seen them before, not once.

I applied discipline and my body changed, just like Anthony said it would. Trust the plan and you will get there, and Christ, I did! Now, I want to work on living a healthy balanced life. One whereby I can still eat out, still enjoy myself and my life but also one whereby I do the hard work, I don’t let excuses derail me and turn me back into the comfort eating, overwhelmed and unhappy dad I was just over a year ago.


My clothes fit me, my energy is better than it was when I was in my 20’s, I don’t get ill all the time, I don’t get grumpy with everyone, I don’t feel my stomach sitting on my belt when I work. My life is totally different. Anthony helped me to see where I was going wrong, helped me to understand the behavioural science and physiology of change. He helped me to apply discipline and take ownership.


Most importantly, he has shown me that I can do it, I can decide to change and I can’t keep going through all of the hardships of life and get there. It’s been the biggest challenge of my life and I can say it’s been one of the most rewarding too.

This is me now:








Meet Stephen





I work some days for up to 18 hours. Up early, home late and working back to back with squash clients. In addition to that, I had to move from London to Wales but have maintained many of my London based clients so I now travel between the two locations for weekends. I am there for my daughter and wife and sometime travel Bristol too.

My life is full on. I run my own business, have a young family and wife, and I live around 150 miles away from my London clients. So, sleep, training and diet are always lower down on the list of my priorities. Don’t get me wrong, I eat lots of healthy food, but often have wine to unwind, or add too much sugar to my coffee or drink too much coffee because of the long work hours. The result of all of these pressures is I was often feeling run down. This was evident in my body too. I took off of my top and looked, well, soft I guess. 

I often made excuses such as I can’t train as I am too busy, I need coffee as my days are too full on and so on. I was starting to build reasons why I didn’t look as toned or ripped or I wasn’t playing my squash competitions quite as well as some others. After listening to an audio book about discipline, I wondered whether I needed more discipline or whether I needed to cut myself a break. Afterall, I work much longer hours and travel far further than most people my age. Perhaps catching a cold or having a glass of wine was ok. I sought after a coach and had worked with Anthony before, he was someone that had previously mentored me into the industry I was in and someone I knew would investigate my situation and give me an open and honest answer about what I needed to do, whether I was accepting a lesser version of myself or whether I should just ease the pressure.

It was the best move I made. I set him a very extreme task. I wanted to build up muscle, I wanted to play 4 hours of competitive squash without losing my performance and I wanted to keep up with my 18 hour days. I also wanted to keep up with the morning routines with my little girl and I wanted to transform my body at the same time. I wanted to show my clients and myself that no matter how hard things are, you can achieve the transformation you're after if you apply yourself and become fully committed. But, you need someone that fully understands your situation and is able to map it out effectively, all the moving parts from hormones, to training, rest and recovery, diet and even behaviour. I have never met anyone that understand things and explains them the way Anthony does. He is able find and create the right plan. So, that’s what we did. I said. I want to have my Hollywood before and after and not let a plate fall in my personal life, oh and win my squash tournaments too. He laughed as he knows I am always ambitious.

First stage was to start building my muscles up. So, I had to train 5 times per week but the only time I could do that was at 4:30am in the morning. He prescribed some food and supplements to help me recover faster from training to attempt to counter the lack of sleep. Over the 8 weeks of consistent training, I managed to gain around 3kg of solid muscle. Very tricky to do when playing that level of squash and trying to get the food right. Next was the count down to the photoshoot. This had 3 main components. First was the numbers. I have a degree in maths so I loved this part. I was around 15% BF and needed to get down to between 8-10% for my muscles to look fully defined for the photo shoot. We had 10 weeks to achieve it and my total weight was 85.6kg. S0, 85.6 x .14 (14%) = 11.9kg in bodyfat. I had to reduce 6%. My daily BMR (basal metabolic rate) is around 3100 with the workouts and squash included. 4.7 x 8000 = 37600 (total calories I needed to burn). 37600 = 90 (days until shoot) = 417 (that’s how many calories I needed to burn above my base rate per day each day. So, we rounded up to 500 to be safe and I ate 2600kcal per day.

Second part was the fasting. Sometimes the body becomes slow at losing fat and needs a little helping hand. You can always tell when this happens because the weight on the scales tends to stagnate. This happened around 4 weeks before the shoot. So, intermittent fasting was introduced with bulletproof coffee with C8 MCT oil in it. Together this helped to mobilize and metabolise the energy from fat. So, I was fasting 16 hours. Training and eating within the 8-hour window. When we started this, weight started dropping again at a steady and consistent pace.

The third part is the extreme level. I asked Anthony to show me how they do it, how these actors go through such transformations. He assured me it was possible, but we must act carefully and safely as it includes small levels of dehydration. This helps to show the definition but is very hard. I wanted to know if I could still work and maintain my life while pushing my body and would I get the result I wanted?

Now I know what I am capable of. I will keep my training up, keep helping my clients and transforming my body. I won’t ever do the last part (dehydration) again and it was extreme and unnecessary for my life, but I am glad I did it so I can see what it takes. It also illustrates how unrealistic is it as a standard for most people. I will now keep bodyfat low, keep my weight lifting up and track my food and macros to ensure I maintain a healthy look and weight for my long term health, and to feel good when at the beach with my family.

Here is my result:









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